For companies

Advice and guidance for businesses

The Traffic Lab provides support for businesses involved in the project. Businesses wishing to enter the project should contact the operators in the test areas directly.

The Traffic Lab provides advice and guidance particularly on the following themes:

  • Transport legislation: Practical legal problems
  • Data protection, consumer protection, taxation and insurance: Help from a support network within and outside the administrative branch in matters such as interpretation problems.
  • Commercialisation: Support in product commercialisation.
  • Standardisation and certification: Information about standardisation in intelligent transport systems and services. Businesses may bring their problems for discussion.
  • EU project aid assessment: Training in project applications.
  • Communications: Visibility on Traffic Lab web pages.


Mr Janne Hauta, Ministerial Adviser
tel. +358 29 534 2322
janne.hauta (at)

Stepping aboard ITS Finland network

ITS Finland acts as a cooperation forum for intelligent traffic and transport development, bringing together parties from government, research and companies. ITS stands for Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.

The main aim of the association is to create tangible transport telematic solutions to serve the citizens and the trade and industry in Finland, but also to build international network of contacts and to promote cooperation between countries.

ITS seeks to achieve this by promoting general prerequisites for intelligent traffic and transport services, and by increasing awareness of the social effectiveness of information and communications technology in solving road, maritime, rail and air traffic problems.

ITS Finland is part of the international Network of National ITS Associations.

The association is open to all new members who support the association’s purpose. A free-format membership application must be addressed to the association’s CEO in writing (for example via email).

Mr Sampo Hietanen, CEO
tel. +358 40 565 7688
firstname.lastname (at)

ITS Finland